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Where to buy EPO online? Advice for avoiding scams.

Admittedly we are biased when it comes to this, but nonetheless we figured this would be a useful exercise for our existing and potential customers looking to buy any research chemical online via a Google search. Or any product whatsoever for that matter.

A simple search for “buy epo” or “buy erythropoietin” will yield several web shops, included those listed below. Some very basic checks on these domains could save you from ending up empty handed after spending your hard earned money.

For each of the following, we conducted a WHOIS check, did a quick search around for customer reviews and made a basic common sense analysis regarding the legality of the products being sold. – Clearly an illegal web shop, these kind of sites are liable to being shut down without warning by a regulatory authority, after which your order is unlikely to ever be fulfilled. This site is hosted on a server controlled by MSC Hosting, a UK based company under the jurisdiction of the UK courts, the laws of which are clearly violated by this website. We also found a negative review from 2007 here. Anyone website who truly values their reputation would surely address a complaint of this nature within a reasonable timeframe, especialy as the same complaint was referred to on this high ranking review site. – Likewise liable to being shut down due to selling controlled substances (HGH and HCG) without a licence on a Canadian registered and hosted domain name. Also their erythropoietin and other products are not made in GMP facilities, or at least can’t be verified as such. Perhaps the products are genuine but it throws the purity and dose accuracy into question. Although one absolutely shocking review here reports that “They mixed the labels on GHRP-6 and apparently mislabeled with Ipamorelin” and includes a response that the “ACE 031 from drs is fake”. As above, DRS Labs did not publicly address this review on the page in question, despite having the opportunity to do so for 2 years. – The WHOIS check reveals the domain was registered by [email protected], a Google search of which would lead one to the safe conclusion that this is a scam website. Unlikely that you will receive any product let alone EPO.

Stay safe out there and remember that here at Erythrobio we are more than happy to fulfil low cost sample orders so you can test our genuine, pharmaceutical grade, GMP manufactured products!